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Startups and Code

I love to make developers' and clients' lives easier through technology.
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I'm working on building some stuff and using this place as a testing ground.
There is a lot coming soon, so stay tuned!

For those curious about me:

I've been a professional developer for over 20 years. I have focused primarily on web technologies over the course of my career. I have worked at Microsoft, Getty Images, SAP, and several startups. I have deployed to AWS, Azure, and GCP. I have migrated from on-prem to cloud. I have built entire teams and improved team retention rates by over 90%.
I love working with people who love to code. I taught at General Assembly and truly enjoyed the experience of watching people have that success after the painful debugging process. I hope my posts and podcast can give you some guidance, insights, and advice in your career. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me on X @startupsandcode and I'll do my best to respond and help.

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