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I work on a lot of different sites for people (Law Firms, Doggie Day Care, Artists, Window Washing and Gutter Cleaning, Corporate Intranets, etc...). What is interesting in all of them is that NOTHING is consistent from where they are to where they want to be regarding an internet presence, corporate identity, etc... Some have created a blog on tumblr or blogger. Some have registered a domain with and did the web site tonight process. Some have sharepoint and want to move to a drupal site. However, VERY RARELY, have I ever worked with someone who said, "we have nothing and want to setup a website". Those are usually the easiest to do unfortunately, are also the most rare. Usually they want to migrate all of their data from point A to point B. SqlServer -> MySql, or Tumblr -> Wordpress or Blogger -> Sharepoint. Well this morning I was able to migrate an entire blog (minus some images I had to do manually) from tumblr -> wordpress in just about an hour (that includes setting up wordpress, customizing the theme a little, adding some links, verifying the data and functionality). There is a tool that generates the wp xml that wp imports and tada. The actual import process took about 3 minutes (and only that long because of the delay of the websites loading). Just thought it was nice to have tools that did what they said they would do. Yay. Ok, not a lot to mention other than that, and I love wordpress and what it has become. I am familiar with blogs and also familiar with enterprise level development. I like them both for what they are. Oh, I know what I wanted to talk about... JavaScript and Server development in the new world.... I should make that different post... ok, more to come. Thanks for stopping by.