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A Flask Tutorial Journey

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Flask is a web framework for Python. It is amazing and having used ASP, ASP.Net, JSP, node.js, and even some ruby. I love flask. Now, I want to point out if you are looking for "THE" tutorial on Flask, I'm not the guy. Miguel Grinberg is the guy. His tutorial is here - . I could make this post a simple fanboy post of him, and how helpful he is when you ask for help. However, he has a new job at Twilio and probably a bit busy. Anyway, I wanted to go through his tutorial and create a github with some tweaks I have done along the way.

The first part I have done is hosted here on github. I really enjoy flask and what it can do. With SqlAlchemy on top of it, it is truly an ideal tool for web development... especially for hackathons who want to knock a quick website with some authentication on top of it.

I started with the hello world and have moved to templates. However, my templates I added flask scsss so I can do some UI updates early on. I'm pretty excited about how SCSS has made development even easier.

I've been coding for decades and realize I'm able to rely on my past and say, "I remember when I had to do assembly coding to connect to a printer driver". Yeah, that happened. :-)

Anyway, this is a simple post to kick off my tutorial journey. What I'm doing is going through Miguel's tutorial and documenting what I have encountered.

Hope this is fun for all of us.