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A long month, but doing well and nutrition debate.

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For those who haven't heard, my father in law passed away last week and I attended his funeral this past weekend. The family is doing as well as expected. It was really good seeing so many people and how many people he affected throughout his life.

Let's move on to another topic... Nutrition.

A few people know that I attempted (not very well) to be vegan. I did it for almost a week, which from a scientific standpoint has no real merit. I also did paleo for about 2 months. I also ate the standard american diet for several years. I have never smoked, except a cigar a couple times in the late 90's. I have not drank alcohol in over 10 years. I have watched forks over knives, the perfect human diet, and a few other documentaries about what we should be eating. Here is what I have realized... there is evidence to document that being vegan is completely healthy and the preferred diet... there is also evidence to document that the paleo diet is the best human diet. Easiest evidence for vegan, meat is the cause of coronary disease and obesity, con for that is that meat isn't the cause but grains are. Evidence for paleo, it is the diet that we ate for over a million years, con for that is that our life span then was only 30 years. Anyway, the only issue that I find to be consistent is that manufactured food is bad and dairy has no real purpose past the age of 2. They also believe that grains are not needed and often over consumed. But eating less carbs, means people are going to eat more protein. That is not the case, but that is the default we fall to because of the plethora of information on what or what not to eat. If you cut out typical carbs, pasta/bread and eat more fruits (high carbs/fructose). Now, all of that being said, being a vegan has a complete separate positive that is not really part of this discussion, but it is the social side of it. The treatment of animals, the manufacturing of meat, and of course the sense of ethical eating. I completely understand that side of the debate, but I am focused on nutrition only.

So what is my point with all of this... I think I am going to continue to avoid dairy and breads... why? because it makes me feel better. I will keep eating meat, I love sushi, can't give that up easy. I will eat fruit and veggies too. My only concern of vegans is brain development... protein is important for brain function, that is my only concern, but I have no documentation to support it.

So Dave, so glad you came down, I truly enjoyed the trip... glad to eat BBQ and an amazing prime rib. All in all, life is good, I'm back at work tomorrow.

The passion of people regarding their nutritional decisions continue to be as important as their beliefs of religions. I am sure I have disappointed some, frustrated others, and educated some.

Let your diet be your decision, let your religion be your decision, and don't think you need to be anything other than you. That is what I have learned recently (some I guess never learn it)... I am not perfect, I am not all that different from others, but I am ME. I love programming computers and creating sites. I LOVE my wife more than I thought was possible. I like sushi and I believe in Jesus. I enjoy jiujitsu and crossfit, but don't do either regularly. I don't like social conventions that are silly just because "that is just what you do". I do like people who are smart and analyze things and provide different perspectives. I get angry, I get sad, and I am generally happy. I have found that I am happiest when I am doing something for others on a computer and then come home to my wife and talk until I fall asleep. I am also happy when I dance, I finish exercising, or I am going somewhere with Susie. I can't do all of those things everyday, and it is the combination of events that make me happy... not the same one over and over. Each day I have learned is a new series of experiences. I meet new people, listen to their stories, and learn something new. Tomorrow, I'm excited on what I am going to learn.

For now, I am grateful for my wife, my dogs, and my life as it is now... I'm tired of the "as soon as"... my life is pretty amazing right now... and for that I am truly grateful.

Good night and thanks for stopping by...