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I have realized we all have our own dysfunction. We have issues with money, possessions, work, family, friends, control, etc... And almost all of that stems from one thing. Fear. We have all heard it before. Fear of loss, fear of abandonment, fear of being alone, fear of insecurity, fear of failure/success, fear of not being good enough, fear of letting someone down, blah, blah blah... Now, here's my thought about a "new day". What if just for one day, we lived without any fear... no fear of being alone, no fear of being rejected, no fear of not having,money,love,etc... no fear of dying. Of course some fears are healthy, I don't think I can jump off a building an fly... but fear that paralyzes us from telling how we feel, fear that paralyzes us from expressing love, fear that paralyzes us from enjoying life rather than just chasing it. We always want the next thing because we think what we are right now isn't enough. Stop chasing things, stop chasing anything... realize you are good right where you are and think of how you can help others. Because if you are reading this right now, here is what I know about you, 1) You can read. 2) You have access to the internet. 3) You have enough free time to stop and read this blog. 4) You care enough to make it this far in the blog to read what I think. So thank you for reading this and help someone else overcome their fear by simply giving them the opportunity to be open without being judged, without being criticized, but by being supportive, encouraging, and interested. That's all for now, but thanks for stopping by. :-)