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Azure Services - The Whole List

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Here is a full-list of all services on Azure as of today.

* = In Preview currently.

*Access Reviews Activity Log Advisor Alerts All Resources Analysis Services API Connections API Management services App registrations App Service Certificates App Service Domains App Service Environments App Service plans App Services AppDynamics Application gateways Application insights Aspera Server On Demand Automation Accounts Availability sets Azure Active Directory Azure AD B2C Azure AD Cloud App Discovery Azure AD Connect Health Azure AD Domain Serivces Azure AD Identity Protection Azure AD Priviliged Identity Management Azure Cosmos DB *Azure Database for MySQL servers *Azure Database for PostgreSWL servers Azure Database Migration Services *Azure Databricks Azure Information Protection Backup vaults (classic) Batch accounts Batch AI Bing Maps API for Enterprise BizTalk services Bot Services CDN profiles Citrix XenApp Essentials Citrix XenDesktop Essentials Cloud services (classic) CloudAMQP CloudMonix Cognitive Services Connections *Container Groups Container registries Container services *Container services (managed) Content Moderator Cost Management + Billing Cypteron Customer insights Dashboard Data Catalog Data factories Data Lake Analytics Data Lake Store Deep Security SaaS Device Provisioning Services *Devops Projects DevTest Labs Diagnotics settings Disks Disks (classic) DNS zones Enterprise Applications Event Grid Subscriptions Event Hubs ExpressRoute circuits Free services Function Apps Genomics accounts HDInsight clusters Help + support Hive Streaming Images Import/export jobs Integration accounts Intune Intune App Protection IoT Hubs Key vaults LiveArena Broadcast Load balancers Local network gateways *Location Based Services Accounts Log Analytics Logic Apps Logic Apps Custom Connector *Machine Learning Experimentation Machine Learning Model Management Machine Learning Studio web service plans Machine Learning Studio web services Machine Learning Studio workspaces Mailjet Email Service Managed applications Marketplace Marketplace add-ons Media services Metrics *Migration projects Mobile Engagement Monitor Multi-factor authentation (MFA) MyCloudIT - Azure Desktop Hosting MyGet - Hosted NuGet, NPM, Bower and Vsix MySQL database Clusters MYSQL databases Network interfaces Network security groups Network security groups (classic) Network Watcher New Relic accounts NoSQL (DocumentDB) accounts Notification Hub Namespaces Notification Hubs nuu:bit CDN On-premises Data Gateways Operation log (classic) OS images (classic) PokitDok Platform *Policy Portal settings Power BI embedded Power BI Workspace Collection Public IP addresses RavenHQ Raygun Recent Recover Services vaults Redis Caches Relays RemoteApp collections Reservations Reserved IP addresses (classic) Resource Explorer Resource groups RevAPM CDN Rights management (RMS) Route filters Route tables Scheduler Job Collections Search services Security Center SendGrid Accounts Service Bus Service catalog managed application definitions Service Fabric clusters *Service Health Signiant Flight Site recovery vaults (classic) Snapshots Solutions SparkPost SQL data warehouses SQL databases SQL elastic pools SQL Server stretch databases SQL servers Stackify Storage accounts Storage accounts (classic) *Storage Sync Services StorSimple Device Managers Stream Analytics jobs Subscriptions Tags *Team projects *Team Services accounts *Templates The Identify Hub Time Series Insights environments Time Series Insights event sources Time Series insights reference data sets Traffic Manager profiles Users and Groups Virtual machine scale sets Virtual machines Virtual machines (classic) Virtual network gateways Virtual networks Virtual networks (classic) VM images (classic) What's New