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I'm very list oriented. You give me a to-do list, I'm all about completion. It works well for me. I think we all need to figure out what works for them. I am reading a bit more and trying to learn about blogging, posting, social media, etc... I know I code, but sharing my experience with coding is something I love to do to also. So I am going to use this post as a reference sheet for me to build a little content calendar concept.

Before I go into that, I want to share what I have continually read from various sources about blogging.

The best way to become good at anything is to practice.

-john mann-

There is a lot in that little sentence. It does not say, you will be the best at something. It does not guarantee a job in the NBA if you play basketball everyday. It simply says to become good at something. Of course, good is such a relative term but the ambiguity of that makes it correct. :-)

My blogging rules

  • Rule 1 - Write
  • Rule 2 - Be Honest
  • Rule 3 - Be Consistent (the hardest rule to follow)
  • Rule 4 - Write More

That's about it. I have seen a lot of posts about doing XYZ or share this or follow that. But to be a good writer, you need to write. It does help when you have experienced a lot and have something to write about. I love when a 12 year old is talking about creating their blog about their life experiences. Good for them for taking action, but they are going to laugh at themselves when they turn 40 and think at 12 they had a lot of life experiences to write about. But, I know because I would write a lot when I was a teenager in journals, and eventually created a BBS (look that up millennials) so I could write more.

Ok, back to my content calendar. I have a lot of ideas to write about, military, career growth, coding, food, communication, teaching, etc... but what I keep going back to is sharing about code. I learn so much on a regular basis and I've been doing it for years (ok, decades now). I keep learning and then I go to meetups and everyone asks how to get started, how did you get your first job, how do I get experience? Well, the answer for my first job was easy, my friend Donovan got hired and said I should apply. That was about it. :-) I know disappointing about interviewing, studying, resume building, etc. Nope, it came down to Donovan and that I could do the job too. He actually helped me get me second job too. So thanks Donovan. :-)

Oh, in case you haven't noticed, I babble a lot when I write. I'm not censored and really not coherent at times. I get it.

So content calendar... I am going to do a series of posts for the new developer, based on questions I have heard over the years.

  • How do I learn a new programming language?
  • How do I get my first job?
  • What projects should I build?
  • How do YOU debug?

I think this is going to be fun. I won't have a lot of images, or pictures, it will be content. Hopefully direct and helpful. That's my goal... no promises, but I had time to write today, so let's see how it goes.