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Corporate America is the same regardless of wherever it is. Southern Company/Georgia Power, Microsoft, SAP, etc... They all have their pros and cons. In my industry, we all look for a more interesting job, something with cool technology and a cool project. We don't realize, or really consider the silly parts of the job consider "management overhead". Time tracking, performance objectives, review meetings, one on ones, etc... Then the process of signing up for benefits, what do you want, what plan should I get, etc... The over head is often referred to as a "necessary evil". If everyone thinks it is evil, than why do we do it? "We need to set objectives to make sure you are growing" How about this? I don't get a raise or bonus, live off of the salary I initially agreed upon, and I don't worry about competition and just focus on improving on my own, because I have a good work ethic. I think reviews/objectives are all the same, they are for people with a questionable work ethic and for the greedy who think they need more money/recognition. I think if we focus on the task at hand at my level, and trust upper-management to handle the larger picture, then things tend to work out. Assuming, upper management has a big picture, and communicates the current focus correctly. Time tracking is a government requirement for taxes and is really just a silly task. 40 hours a week unless I take vacation. Just accept that to be true for the next 4 years. I realize that the pros of having great hardware, really cool projects, and the latest technologies only come from well-financed startups (rare but do exist) or corporate America. I do love coding, but the "management overhead" is annoying, but apparently the price I pay.

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