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I love creating new projects. Truly love it. I love figuring out how to deploy it, how fast I can spin it up, how I can leverage previous knowledge. It is an ongoing challenge that I play with. I believe that anything is really possible given enough time. It is fascinating the trends in the web world and the app world. There are SO many apps out there and even more web sites. They were all static, then they were dynamic, then they were "web applications". Parallax was the coolest thing, then CSS animations are over used, then what?

We all want to have something that stands out. We want something eye-catching. We want to deliver content that makes people want to return to our site. So what new project drives traffic? Do I even care to drive traffic to my site? If I do, then my intention is to make money, not to share information. What if my intent is to share a message, to actually help people get started, and share my experience with people with great ideas but aren't sure on how to get started.

Let me be completely honest, I definitely need to get compensated but not charge people 100k for a website, (yes, people will charge that if they know the person will pay it). I'm not a shark, I'm just a developer who loves new projects and ideas. I won't go into what I've done, you can see that elsewhere. I do love to teach and learn from teaching.

So what is your idea, project? What do you want developed? Do you want an app? Why? Do you want a website? To do what? There are so many basic questions that people don't ask when they are creating a new project. I often here, I have a great idea... but what are the steps to implement that great idea? Not locally, but in production... so the world can see it? What problem are you solving? What knowledge are you sharing? Who has already done it?

I think there are some amazing ideas that are coming out now with 3D printing, Augmented Reality, and BioTech now that we can modify DNA to solve medical problems (see: crispr). It is pretty amazing on what we can modify and create. So awesome we can create some crazy things, but what about the basics? Clean water, housing/shelter, sustainable food, relationships, health? That is where we should be focusing our amazing education, not the next candy crush app. Capitalism gets us so far in the world, and I love that we have the freedom to create things like that. Where is the limit? Gates ended up creating a foundation that is focused on helping the world. So if you are creating a new project, and you are making some amazing amounts of money, what is your goal? Is it greed or is it to help others?

I think we all need a certain level of greed to survive in America. We need to focus on what our real project is. What are we trying to do? How can I help you achieve your goal? I love to educate, so maybe we should be focused on educating our children on financial goals so they can live happy, not by chasing the next dollar.

So tell me, what is your next project and how is that helping the world?