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Day 10? - Ok I missed the weekend... so let's talk about consistency.

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One of the biggest issues I have with writing, working out, jiujitsu, reading, yard work, etc... is consistency. I really think consistency breeds success way more than skill or talent. I guess there is a fine line between consistency and stubborness. :-) Either way, it will prove to be beneficial. So, one of the things I have seen MANY people do is set unrealistic goals when they are about to begin something.

Let's take exercising.

We get our new running shoes, we buy our gym membership, we take the tour of the gym, we get a new alarm clock, we buy a new workout outfit, we spend time and money getting ready to get ready. Then we start. We wake up at 6am and head to the gym. We work out and feel great about who we are and our new found motivation. We do it again the next day. Yay for us. We wake up late on day 3 and we promise we will go after work... we have a late meeting we can't avoid, we FAIL that day. We beat ourselves up, we try and wake up the next day and say, what's the point... we don't go... and so our drive and motivation of working out everyday is over, crushed, and destroyed. 6 months later, we try it again to the same failed attempt.

So what is going wrong here? Simple.

We are setting unrealistic goals and beating ourselves up when we don't meet them.

How about setting a goal, of I will work out once a week for a month. Sure, that is not THAT beneficial, but it is more beneficial then doing nothing, and it is a relatively low bar and is achievable. We need early success to use as a springboard for greater success. Failure and success are all based on momentum. If you consistently set unreal goals and fail, you will continue to fail until you get one success and change your direction. So don't wake up one morning and think you are going to the 90 days of P90X. You most likely won't. However, if you start working out once a week for a month, then next month twice a week, and then by month 3, you are in shape enough to attempt P90x or Insanity or triathalon training, etc... Then you will have the momentum that you need to succeed.

So, I have not been writing EVERYDAY. I tried that, and failed, but I am still writing. So, I will keep up with the writing and maybe I'll miss a few days, maybe I won't... but each day I can make a decision to write. That is all I want. Making that decision is key, but following through with that decision is more important. I remember this silly story: "Three frogs are sitting on a log, one makes a decision to jump in the water. How many frogs are on the log? Three. He only made a decision, he didn't follow through with it." :-)

Today, I write. Tomorrow, who knows, but I'm glad I took this time for me today. Do things for yourself... you'll appreciate the time you give to you. I don't think anyone can change for someone else. They can only change for themselves, and others may benefit from that change.

Thanks for stopping by... Have a wonderful day.