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I heard an interesting thing on tv last night.  Which honestly, the way American television is, that is pretty impressive and rare.  Before I go on that rant, let me tell you what it was.  "You could write a book easy, just write a page a day and by the end of the year you will have 365 pages and that's a book".  I guess I could convert it into a book if I stay with this for a full year... let's try 30 days first, and see where it goes.  So back to the rant, American television has become reality tv and the stars of American television are people like "The Situation" and Snookie.  Don't forget about shows like 16 and pregnant, or Tots and Tiaras, or Cheaters, or Wipeout.  What the hell people?  What are we really gaining by watching any of that, or even the "acclaimed" news shows like Nancy Grace or The Dr. Drew show on HLN?  The more time we spend talking about Casey Anthony, the more time we support her getting a better deal for her first interview.  You want to make her mad?  Stop talking about her completely.  America and the public create stars.  Now, with twitter and facebook and blog upon blog upon blog, we could literally create a star.  Something I would definitely like to try to do when I have more followers and people wanting to play with me and social experiments.  I think that is something that I have always enjoyed about life, no 2 people are alike and the way the handle situations is really fascinating.  I'm a pretty laid back guy (now) and I state my opinion on things and move on, but faced with challenges, I often go into "military mode" and solve the problem depending on the challenge.  I was not a big fan of confrontation for a while, but realized, that is the only way you can address some issues.  Some people shut-down, some people turn to violence, some use logic to convert their opponent.  It really is fascinating.  I'm sure there are psychology books out there all about it, but I haven't read them yet, and I wonder if there is a way to group people into a classification on how they handle things.  It is pretty fun to watch people at grocery stores and how they interact with the cashier.  Also, how people handle airline ticket people... I will always remember that one "joke" (apparently it really happened, so just a humorous part of life that we all dream happens more often)... Here it is,

A flight gets cancelled for mechanical issues, and the people at the gate inform everyone that they are going to work with them to get a new flight and they apologize for the inconvenience,  now most people are frustrated but realize they have to endure this hassle to get to their destination and nothing they say can really change it.  Except for this one guy, he storms passed the line of passengers waiting patiently to get reassigned.  And interrupts the desk clerk and says, "I need my flight assignment now, I can't wait in this line, this is just absurd",  The desk clerk, being patient says, "I know sir, these people in this line need the same reassignment and we are doing our best to bring in another plane to accomodate everyone".  The man replies, "Don't you know who I am?".  The clerk quickly responds, "Oh, I'm sorry sir, one moment".  She picks up the PA system and says "Attention passengers of flight 289 to Denver, we have a gentleman on your flight who does not know who he is.  If someone can please come to the front and identify him, it will be greatly appreciated"  The man furious, storms off and quietly gets back in line.

I have a feeling some "choice" words were probably said, and threats made about taking her job, etc... However, I think she probably helped relieve all of the other passengers with some humor that was at his expense.  Anyway, just remember we are no more important than the next person, and money, fame, and "power" doesn't give you the right to mistreat another person EVER.  If everyone realized that more often, I have a feeling we would have a much happier planet.  The world is in a great place for a revival... Start noticing everyone around you... say hi, be helpful... let's see what we can do to change this place and make it what we always dream of.

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