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Day 3 - People Watching

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Being observant has proven to be one of the most valuable skills I have ever had.  I watch various interactions with people and often learn more about them by simply listening and watching.  People rarely pay attention to others.  It is really interesting to see how quick people cling to you when you simply pay attention.  On the final Oprah show, yes, I'm referring to Oprah... she said one thing that really hit me.  "People want to be seen".  I think that is one fact that we often forget.  I think we can learn so much by not talking.  Of course we all want to share our stories, we all want to be the center of attention.  However, we often talk past each other.  We talk over each other.  Neither side is listening.  No communication occurs.  Anyway, enough of that topic.  Let's move on...

Let's see what else is on my mind... not much today actually... people need to not worry so much on what other people think of them and be honest.  Imagine if we stopped trying to manipulate people and just told them the brutal truth.

"Hey, I don't want to go to dinner tonight"

"Why Not?"

"I'd rather just sit on my couch and watch tv"

Imagine how nice that would be?  Imagine if we were in a meeting and felt we didn't want to be there and simply stood up and said, I'm not contributing here, I'm leaving.  How nice would that be?  How much would people stop wasting time.  It would truly be amazing.    Ok, not a whole lot to talk about today... kind of sleepy right now.

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