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Day 4 - Visiting Home

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Hey All,

So I am visiting "home"... New Orleans.  It is wonderful to see this city again, and I realize that I have left for a reason, but it is a wonderful place to experience.  The food is always amazing... I realized that I have grown up quite a bit over the past 15 years.  Yes, it almost been that long... April will be 15 years from New Orleans.  I lived there from 1987 until 1998.  So I have officially lived in Seattle longer.  I'm still a Saints fan and will be until I die.  Can't give up that team... I can switch basketball teams easily, since the Jazz are now in Utah... the Charlotte Hornets are now in New Orleans... and the Sonics are now in Oklahoma...  Really annoying actually... How can people keep loyalty when teams keep moving.  It really is sad actually.   I love watching the local news again.  New people... but John Snell is still here.  It is fun.  I really do miss parts of New Orleans and DEFINITELY some of my friends.  Of course, one is in Germany, another is in Tennessee, another in Colorado,  another in Miami, another in Arkansas, and of course a few still live here.  I love my life now and I'm really glad of who I have become... it is funny to realize what I was like and also, how far I have to go... I don't think I will every stop learning or growing... I try to do the right thing, but I don't always do it.  I'm not perfect, but I learn a lot quicker than I use to.  All in all, life is good.   People are always interesting... drunk people on Bourbon are interesting to watch, the drunk cougars, the drunk frat boys flirting with the cougars, the NOPD arresting someone for harassing some tourists.  I was hearing about the recent conviction of the NOPD about the Katrina shooting.  I want to share that I have known A LOT of NOPD and there are definitely some "bad" apples, but do NOT judge all of them based on the actions of a few.  Unfortunately, only the bad news makes it to the media.  Imagine hearing, an officer today arrested 3 drug dealers for attempted homicide.  Or, an officier arrested, 2 teenagers for underage drinking before they got in their car to drive home.  That happens, but it doesn't make the news... why?  Because it is them doing their jobs, and we often take it for granted.  All in all, life is amazing now and having an amazing woman to share it with makes even more special.  I miss my dogs right now... but life is wonderful... I'm out for now... Still writing successfully... Day 4!  Yay for me.