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Day 8 - Back to work

Back to home

Hey all, so I was back at work today and caught up quickly on what is going on.  I met with my manager and was given an additional task... to create a blog for development across the company.  Place where we can post ideas, code tips, social events, etc... a forum/blog for the whole development company.  How cool is that?  I get paid to blog at work about development.  And I get to talk to other developers... just really something I have wanted to do for a while but people don't know how to create a happy development environment because they always are worried about metrics or the bottom line or productivity... but if you don't FOCUS on that and focus on the team, the rest will come.  If everyone is happy, then they want to produce to keep their jobs... not out of fear, but our of joy.  It really works well when everyone buys into that, and that means the whole company has to.  I don't have too much to write today, but wanted to keep the habit going.  I am thinking even if I do a few words... Anyway, thanks again for stopping by and I hope all is well for you as it is for me.