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I have a little bit of a break from a crazy work schedule recently. I'm doing ok, but just wanted to write and say hi to everyone who is following me. I have attended a new wordpress meetup, tutoring a guy on JavaScript and jQuery, and got my ticket for WordCamp in Atlanta.

I've been enjoying WordPress more and more. Now that being said, my UI skills have improved greatly and now I am going to work on getting back to hone my c# .Net skills.

So my question now is what are my goals? Of course, my purple belt in jiujitsu will always be on the list. But my goals are different now... I want to help people learn technologies more than anything. There are a lot of people out there that just need a little guidance. I can design things, I can code anything, but I know more about people. Most developers can code, but you need to consider the greater problem... ask the right question. What are you really trying to solve? Are you simply adding a button to a page or are you adding a new workflow to help a client do something easier? Think about it. Ask the right question. We don't ask the right question and we get so wrapped up in process that we forget what we are doing.

I'll write more about this later, but I want to work on better content. Tutorials, guides, etc...

Content is king, I can have the most amazing web site but if it doesn't have any information that people want than who cares?

Thanks for stopping by. :-)