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Everyone has already said it...

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We hear so many different things about life, relationships, work, etc...

  • How do you know "she's the one"?  You'll just know.
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Money can't buy happiness, but it helps in the search. :-)  (ok, that one is mine)

There are so many blogs out there, and I regularly read a few... and it is funny, the ones I do read agree with my view on life.  I think I should read more blogs that I don't agree with, get a new perspective.  Just a thought.

Anyway, back to my point...

Question:  How do I lose weight? Answer: Eat less, exercise more

Question:  How do I find true love? Answer: Stop trying to find it, and be happy with yourself.

Question:  How do I find the "right" job? Answer: Do what you LOVE, the money will follow.

Question: I want to save the planet, where do I start? Answer: A local organization that already is under-staffed.

Question:  I'm seriously in debt, what should I do? Answer: Stop spending so much money.  Try to pay off one bill at a time.  Higher interest rate ones first.  Consolidate where you can.

All of that sounds like common sense, yet Americans (specifically) are:

  • Overweight but Malnourished.
  • Over Paid but  in Serious Debt
  • Over worked and Under loved

I'm not a brilliant philosopher or a life-changing guru.  I'm just a software developer who has observed some things in life.  Why are we like that?  Why do we chase so many things rather than be happy?  Why do we THINK we need so much more?  That my friends is up to you to decide.  I know why I chased (past tense) things.  Now, I have what I love, do what I love, and live life DAILY... not "as soon as I..."  But now.  Now get off your computer and go hug your spouse, walk your dog OUTSIDE, and walk slowly.

Thanks for stopping by.