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First week in atlanta...

Back to home

Got power setup, insurance moved, getting new tires on car, cable tomorrow, work is good, boxes moved in, etc... There is a lot to moving... U-pack is highly recommended for moving. New mexico is a place to never visit.  Loving atlanta so far. Went to dinner and found a cool new restaurant eclipse de luna, tapas place nice and different.  Also went to the deli funny to be back there... What else... Nice people and already know about families and interests of several people that were strangers minutes ago. The south people really do like taking and sharing about there lives.  The sun here has been amazing.  Love the heat and a real summer.  Truly a wonderful place.  Just plain happy here.  Just need internet and we are going to be set until we find our house... If you ever want to test a marriage,  remodel a house then sell it, then drive across country, then move into an apartment from a house, have a car breakdown in the middle of that, and get a new job.  If you are still laughing and even more in love then you are with THE one.  Susie is the one for me...truly an amazing, beautiful, patient, loving, sexy, intelligent woman... She is everything! I win for some reason... Thank you God for her!