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Fully migrated to NextJS SSG

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I'm happy to say after a few nights of tweaks, and a happy Saturday afternoon, I was able to migrate to NextJS completely. I am able to simply write now. I'll add pictures here and there, but this blog is not for anything more than me logging things that I want to talk to about. There is no forums, no comment sections, no ads, no contact me page. I'm looking to simply share my thoughts.

Ok, NextJS has been really nice to learn, really nice to play with, tweak, etc... I added a twitter button, because I wanted to see how to link to an external source. There is some loading challenges on the twitter button since it is SSG. The page doesn't seem to execute the JavaScript but I'll figure that out.

All in a all, it was an amazing experience with an export of my WordPress blog to markdown, and then a SSG implementation and hosting on firebase.

Oh, on top of that, checkout my lighthouse scores on this site now:

Lighthouse scores of my site

Pretty impressed with the ease of use of NextJS and the functionality that it has.

Let's see what else I'm going to write about.