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A lot has happened recently and I'm learning more and more. So I thought I would try and write about it, just to get it out there. I may not write daily, but I will do my best to write once a week. I have tried to do this before, but have gotten distracted, etc... So we'll see what happens. What has happened recently? I have a new job (not a big surprise considering I get bored easily and not a fan of process for process sake in corporations). The bigger news is the job is located in the Atlanta area. So I am getting back home... the South. We are driving from Seattle to Atlanta. It will be a big adventure. So let's summarize: Sold a house, trying to find a place to live in Atlanta, got a new job, moving across the country (literally), and working on two coast times right now. 5am - 10pm, with a small nap in there sometime. I am also, closing my business in Washington, and cutting my life back to working one job for a while. Yes, I have had 4 jobs at one time, but now I need to just focus on one job with the side jobs being my hobbies again. Crossfit, developing metro applications on windows 8, maybe get back to jiu-jitsu, spending time with the family, etc... So for now, thank you for following/reading my posts, expect a lot of posts to come with the journey. Thanks for stopping by.