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Getting started in programming?

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There are so many technologies out there and getting started may seem overwhelming.

Relax! It's going to be ok.

Programming takes time. Start small. We call it "Hello World"'development. Thanks to KnR from the C manual.

Here is my advice:

Start with a structured language, C# or Java. Learn the basics of the syntax. Print your name, print your name a bunch of times. Change the color of your name. Learn about oop and create a class with methods.

Create a to-do list application.

Store that list

Authenticate a user

Create a profile page, password reset process, and account management process.

Learn how to deploy your application, to a phone, to a website, to a computer.

Learn how to test your code and verify that it works

Learn about source control, the answer is git.

Move to Python and realize how some of the details you spent hours on are easier.

For web, move to flask and sql alchemy for your orm. Thank me later.

Then learn html, sass, and JavaScript.

JavaScript is dangerous as a foundational language.

Html is NOT programming.

I get annoyed when people say they are a software engineer and can write only Html. You are not a software engineer, you aren't even a script kiddie.

Basics I like people to know, OOP, some design patterns, and modular development of applications. I love when people consider testing, security, and scale early on.

I know there are a lot of tutorials out there and podcasts, but I'm seriously considering creating some tutorials and a podcast (again) to talk about coding practices. What do you think? Would you listen? What content would you want to learn?

Let me know!