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Getting stated with Python for the Web?

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Here's some tips for getting started with Python for Web Development.

First, realize Python is not ONLY for web development, it is a programming language that is often used for data science and a hundred other uses.

  1. For web development with Python, the answer is flask:

It is pretty amazing and I'm getting deep into it now and I'm sure I'll have more to say in a few weeks. However, it does handle a lot of things for you and I REALLY like it.

2. Create a project, don't do a hello world... well, do hello world, but quickly get to a project that means something to you.

3. Create a project that has more than just html renderings.  Such as: Authentication, Users, Profiles, Reading from a 3rd Party API

Here are some suggestions:

Create an web app that:

Displays people's local weather and saves their preferences if they authenticate.

Displays messages with a news feed that posts to that page throughout the day (users can choose what topics they like to hear about)

Allows users to track stock prices

You get the point... Create an account, save some custom preferences, and display data on those preferences.  That really is what 90% of applications are doing at the high-level.

4. Get involved! Ask people to review your code, post it on github, share it openly while you are learning.  Ask questions on stack overflow.

This is to help you learn... databases and persistent storage are the next thing, mysql, firebase, mongodb, posgres, etc...

Hope this helps a little.

Go build something amazing!