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I'm not sure why I am up at 4am, but regardless, rather than wasting the time, I might as well write, right? So here I am writing... I guess I am a little excited about the stuff going on at work. I'm also excited about the new couch we are getting this week. I know that sleep is important, but you can't really force yourself to sleep, so why not be productive. I guess it is a work ethic thing. I'm doing some pretty cool stuff at work with data access layer, form processing, and database design. All in all, life is pretty good right now. I love my job, I love my wife, and love my dogs. I think the next thing to add for me is exercise. I have enjoyed my food recently, but it is time to really push myself to the exercise thing. The key is to getting started... I know I have all these blogs about getting motivated, people that inspire me, shows that inspire me, books, etc... but none of that matters if "I" don't do anything. I really enjoy "getting ready" to workout, but rarely enjoy the working out part. I do enjoy the result when I show up, but I clear out an area, get the dvd ready, setup the weights, plan out the workout, create a website to track my progress, create a mobile app to update per set with a timer to identify my program, and all of that done, I don't do anything. SO what do I need to do? Simply do it. Everything has their little mottos, Press play everyday, push it, Just Do It, Do your best forget the rest, etc... But I think I need to follow my own guide... DO SOMETHING. So I will write down my weight, blood pressure, and basic fitness test and then retest at 30 days, then at 60 days. So what is the "basic fitness test". Who knows, I could use the Army Fitness Test, Push-Ups, Situps, and a 2 mile run. I'm going to try something different. Cardio is always the big push for increased health, but what about circuit training with very limited cardio. Cardio is often associated with running. Why not associate it with weight training? I don't know there are so many fads in diet and exercise, why not test something myself, obviously I won't push myself as hard as if I had a personal trainer, but I can always get started somewhere. "Play 60" is the new child exercise idea. I'm shooting for Play 15, then maybe Play 30. :-) We'll see if I do any of this, it is 4:30am on a Tuesday. I'm getting sleepy now... THat is what I need to do... write more, it helps me sleep I guess. Ok, enough babbling for today. Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.