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I have taught JavaScript classes from coast to coast (literally, Seattle to Atlanta (ok, almost the east coast)). I have realized that there is a lot that goes into teaching, prepping, doing homeworks and labs. I have started a new twitter challenge, #30DaysToCode. With that, I'm going to tweet (in 140 characters or less) a JavaScript tip each day that builds on the fundamentals of JavaScript. The first one was:

var x = 2; console.log(x); //Declares variable x and assigns value 2 //console.log displays it in console I will do my best to try and tag it every time with #30DaysToCode

I may have follow up info here, but I am going to try to keep it only on twitter to see if I can do it. By Halloween I should cover most of the fundamentals of JavaScript.

What I'm covering

  • variables (var and let for es6)
  • console.log for output
  • DOM manipulation
  • for loops
  • conditionals (if then else)
  • while loops
  • function definitions
  • objects,strings,numbers
  • basic math functions
  • and much more

What I'm NOT covering

I will not be covering in-depth concepts like the design patterns in JavaScript (check out Addy Osmani's guide here) or closures, hoisting, function expressions vs function declarations, and deeper stuff like that.

If you are interested, simply follow me on twitter @startupsandcode or just look up #30DaysToCode and see my tips. :-)

Let's see if it works.

Time to build something amazing!