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So it is 3:22am and I'm up here writing. I'm not sure why I am up this early, or why I can't stay asleep except that I have a lot on my mind perhaps... SDLC and new process ideas on how to deliver "software", Ideas on how to create a new web site, and how I want to landscape my backyard, get a patio, save up some money for it, plan for my 40th birthday, travel to Austin for a conference, make sure the code is working for the demo today, think of cool ways to surprise my wife, wonder why I fell out of tree pose in hot yoga, should I cancel my ymca membership since I don't go and go to Hot Yoga more and more. Consider writing a book about life, software, corporate america, fiscal responsibility, what a "real" relationship means, how to bring Jesus into everything you do, the advantages of prayer, how to exercise regularly, what does regularly actually mean, what is considered "good" tv, I do like that new show "New Girl", that was funny last night, this is stream of consciousness writing just babbling at 3:30 am for no apparent reason except that I am hoping I will get sleepy enough to go back to sleep... but my mind is racing with so many ideas. I don't know. I think I want to write about the whole SDLC idea that I want to put together a book about "process" and "performance".... I wouldn't say I'm an expert on the matter, but I would say I'm painfully experienced in it. :-) Ok, I'm gonna respond to some emails from yesterday... See ya, thanks for stopping by.