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As stated earlier, I have been posting more on medium rather than here. For no other reason than traffic purposes. I don't write because of ad revenue, but because I have information I want to share.

Here are some of my more recent posts that you may find interesting if you are just getting here:

Medium Summary of recent posts

Firebase Tutorial 3.0

A step-by-step tutorial for Firebase 3.0 with authentication


What happened to hard workers

A perspective on lack of work ethic, and how hard work is still what it takes to be successful

Entrepreneur hustle and quality

Start-ups have become a buzz-word. Make sure you are creating great products, not just great marketing

I'm working on the best way to consolidate posts, so I have stuff here that gets published on Medium, or vice-versa. I'm also working on a few side projects, workshops, and much more. Thanks for following me and I'm excited about what the rest of this year is going to hold.

Thanks for stopping by!