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I have a lot of things going on now... and I am enjoying all of it. I am going to WordCamp in the next couple weeks in Atlanta. I have been attending meetups on WordPress more and more. I think I am going to start going to some Node.js also. I have a friend that I am working on a Node project with and we'll see how that turns out, but I think what is more exciting is we are learning a working process... I have spent most of my time setting up systems and development sites. The details, the little issues, the little annoying necessities that we have to do are what we spend most of our time on.

How do you set up your workflow for... WordPress, for Node.js, for ASP.Net, etc...

The details come down to this: How do you setup a local server for development? How do you organize your code? How do you use source control? How do you test your code? How do you release your code?

Now, this list will get refined over the process I'm doing right now, but if you answer these, you are on a great track. However, the goals is to describe each one of these in detail on how I answer it and then produce a script, a tool, or something easy to facilitate these.

There are certain tools that are amazing.. Why is WordPress so amazing? Because it take 5-minutes to setup. Why is GitHub so popular? Because they have a great tool for using it. Well, at least a good tool. ;-)

So there are several tools already out there, but the question is what tools are the best? What tools solve YOUR problem? I know this post is all about the questions, but by raising the right questions, you can get to the right answer.

Thanks again for stopping by. Let me know if you already have answers to these questions?