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Some of you may not know, but we are moving to Brooklyn!  I got a new job and want to experience life in the big city.  I have spent the past four years in Georgia and have learned a lot about myself and what drives me.  I think the most important thing for me is creating something I love with amazing people.

That sounds kind of vague but between teaching at General Assembly and creating an entire project from truly scratch, I love creating and I love people.

I love people who are driven, who inspire me, who see the status quo and always want to experience more.

I've learned that you can be successful and still be nice.

You can have different opinions and still be friends.

You can try many things and not have to like them all.

You can fail a lot and still be successful.

So over the next year, I plan to post about our journey from Georgia to New York. From the drive to the unloading to so much more.

Join me on this crazy journey... It's going to be something!