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Plug-in Development (The Final Chapter)

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[caption id="attachment_599" align="alignright" width="300"][Customize Login] Customize Login[/caption]Plug-in Development is not as easy as some lead it to be, but it is also not impossible.

I guess this is not the final chapter, but the beginning of an entire new journey...

First off, I DID IT! I released a working, localizable, and customizable plugin. You can download it here

Things I have learned in writing my Plug-In

  • Don't put plugin in your name, of course it is a plugin
  • Make it localizable but using _e and _ in your strings
  • Take the time and write a decent readme.txt
  • To create a cool banner, simply upload a banner-772x250.png file to your assets
  • Understand even if only barely, what a filter and an action is and how to use each
  • START SIMPLE! - The longest journey starts with a single step, uh, the best programs started from a "Hello World"
  • Ask for help and search for it - (start in the codex!)

I am sure there a lot more things I learned and continue to learn, but I'm happy with what I got done for my first iteration. Now, time to create a new dashboard, grid system, and custom tables... ok, maybe just refactor my first one.

All in all it was a fun project, and so glad I can say I contributed to the WordPress community. Yes, I updated some docs too, but I am glad to have a good explanation on how to create a plug-in from nothing and the stuff I actually went through. Don't submit hardcoded plug-ins, they will get denied. So thank you for helping me through this new development journey... my hello world is complete... now time to create something even better.

I love the support, the encouragement, and the excitement I have received... Truly thank you all.