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I sit here in a parking lot waiting for smoothie king to open.  I have realized that technology has made some tasks easier and others actually more difficult.  Writing has existed for years, but then printing press, then typewriters, then computers, now we blog like this.  We eat more processed food because it is quicker, but why are we in such a hurry?  What are we running late for?   Technology has prevented us or slowed us down from enjoying life, we are a society of immediate. We sit at desks, listen in meetings to simply get a paycheck to do something we enjoy outside of work.  Why don't we do what we enjoy at work?  Because it doesn't pay well.  I enjoying writing and help others learn about technology, so why not write a book about it, oh there are so many out there, or no one will buy it, etc... But if I do it to help and not to earn then who cares?   So that is my new goal...this year I'm going to make training manuals or videos of things I enjoy doing.  Setting up wordpress, writing, creating new web sites, simple dance steps, etc... I am blessed to have an amazing wife who inspires me and has countless talents.  That is something I wish I could help others with is relationships.


I have a perfect one for me...not for anyone else, and that is what causes the problem...comparison.  That is my next topic...thanks for stopping by.