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The Side Hustle Game

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The side hustle game is something that I've never heard about even though I've been doing it for years. I am a full-time software developer of sorts. In addition to that, I have taught classes at night and weekends. I have created small side projects. I blog, mentor, and consult when I can. I have never heard so much about the side hustle until I moved to NYC. Why? Because that is what you do in New York. It is an amazing energy here. People don't move to New York to slow down, retire, and take a smoke break on life. They come here to work, to produce, to be in the center of it all, and get pushed. Imagine if the whole world hustled like they do in New York? Think of what we could accomplish. I have realized that I generally have 3-5 hustles going on, to see what sticks. Of course my "day job" is always top priority, but I love teaching, writing, and much more. Apparently, I am going to teach a SkillShare class as a 30 day challenge, and realize I can do that each month a new course to take people in to the web development world. I am also working on an online MBA right now... well, at least going through the courses, I may not get the official degree, but I will have the knowledge.

So think of what your side hustle could be?

Are you a teacher? Do you like skateboarding? Could you teach kids in the neighborhood? What about helping others sometime? It could be reading books for the blind, or working in a soup kitchen, or writing a book?  There are so many options. I think we watch a lot of tv, play a lot of video games, and are often addictive to our devices, when we could use that time for something more.

I am so grateful that I am in NYC and it is a different life than anywhere I have lived before. It is at a pace that is even fast for me. I love it. Remember just because the world is at a pace, it doesn't mean you have to be at that pace. It is hard to fight the stream, but you can.  All in all, life is amazing and look forward to my web development series on SkillShare coming soon.

Thanks for stopping by!  Go build something amazing!