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Actual needed skills on a job posting.

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Here is an actual list of needed skills for a position:

Skills needed: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Frontend, React, Full Stack, Engineer, Developer, Node, Java, Python, Scala, Angular, Ember, API, AWS, Software, Lead, Tech Lead, Engineering Manager, Docker, Kafka, Vue, Go

Their front-end code base contains: React, Angular, Ember and Vue? Their back-end code base contains: Node, Java, Scala, Go?

Do they need an engineer or a developer, a lead, a tech lead, or an engineering manager?

At least they settled on one cloud platform - AWS

Attention hiring software companies

Get your needs identified first, then post.

More often than not, here is what you need:

Technologies: We need a strong developer who can learn new technologies quickly. Is familiar with cloud platforms and the pros of cons of the platforms. A developer with DevOps chops although we don't want to list that because you will turn it down, but you will need that for CI/CD goals we won't tell you about. Someone with testing frameworks and can write succinct code that is scalable, secure, and maintainable.

Soft Skills: We need someone to listen first and then offer ideas on what we need to improve. A great communicator with tech and non-tech people about tech problems and solutions. Someone who is punctual, reliable, and friendly. They share information with everyone and are excited to hear of a different approach to a problem. They communicate clearly and offer different analogies to communicate complex solutions so all parties can grasp the concept.

Background: It really doesn't matter where you came from, what degree you have or don't have, or what brilliant solution you implemented. Why? because this project is different. It will have new obstacles and challenges. You should have some experience with developing on a large code base from setting up your local machine all the way to deploying to a production environment.

Methodologies: We use all sorts of buzzwords, but the truth is, write working code, ask for help if you get stuck, and communicate daily about your progress.


Hire people for the right position, for the right reason, and tell them what sucks about your place. Give them an opportunity to provide a solution about what sucks. Be honest and open, not fake and manipulative. We all have things that need improvement, don't ignore those things, identify them, bring them to the organization and let everyone help solve it for you. That will create the team you want, they will become invested, they will realize you know that things suck, and that you are willing to change. Don't try to hire a single person to solve all of your problems so you can fire 3 others to save money.  That one person will be overwhelmed and miserable.

You want to hire for culture? Great, you should talk to me so I can help you identify what your culture ACTUALLY is!

Now go build something amazing with amazing people! :-)