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Snow 2012

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Snow keeps coming down here. It hasn't stopped yet... it is over 4 inches here now on top of a layer of ice. Driving is just silly. I've been at home now on and off for about a week technically. I don't think I would do well on house arrest, just saying. :-) All in all, life is fine. I feel great, eating less (since I am at home), and have gotten some time to write again (like right now). I have so much I want to write and I forgot how much I like to write and share random thoughts here. I guess I don't really need to write like I used to, because I have an amazing wife who listens to all my random thoughts with immediate input. It's really quite amazing. Hmm, the snow has been pretty steady now for about 12 hours. Its light, but constant. I'm a little worried about the weight of the trees with the snow. Hmm, what else? Not much, doing work, and trying to keep from going crazy... Ok, maybe I'll write more and more... we'll see what happens next.