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I love to write, most people know that. I don't really do video blogs or podcasts, but reading is a forgotten skill. Now I need to think of why I write.  I don't write for money but I'd like that. I don't write for influence or to get new followers. I write because I like to share ideas. The challenge is focus. I have ideas on business process, coding, devops, human interaction, communication, and so much more. 

I don't generally create pdfs, slide decks, or things like that.  However, I think blogging is a type of artifact.

My question is the topic.  I think people become experts when they do the same thing for a while. I just wonder what I want to be an expert in.  I have been called a JavaScript expert and a c# expert. I believe it is relative but I'm good at both of those.  The thing that comes easy for me is team building and development teaching/mentoring. Who would have thought? Well, my mom was a teacher for decades and because of that I guess it rubbed off a little. Tie that with my love for acting and dancing, and you have a development teacher like none other. 

All of this is not prepared or planned. It is just what I'm thinking about.

I think I should create a series for developers about real world development using azure. Why azure? Because I love what Microsoft has done and how they keep getting better. I did a tutorial on firebase and loved that. I think it is time for a real world development tutorial.

The gap that I see missing is from hello world to a simple database project to ...nothing.  What about continous deployment, what about different environments, setting up testing frameworks, handing off a code base, integrating with active directory or oauth? Sure, all of those exists but they are never pieced together for a full development experience.

Now, that takes work to setup all of that and it is not easy. Also, there is the other side of explaining that to nontechnical people and justifying that time. Technology changes so fast that it is best to document the process not the tech behind it because we all know that it will change in 6 months.

That is going to be my goal.  I get to be the researcher for you.  I will play guinea pig for you.  

What is this process I am talking about? The process from idea to prototype to production in the shortest amount of time. Considering the enterprise quality of delivery.

So that is my latest idea...What do YOU think? Would you read it? I guess I'm doing it more for myself so I can accelerate my own development process.

Well, there it is... Dev process tutorial on Azure and process for business to move faster and still maintain high quality. Startups move so fast and then have to refactor and enterprises move so slow to avoid any wrong decision. Wrong decisions are great, just change quicker. One of my favorite quotes is 

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing. - Teddy Roosevelt

That says so much. I'll stop there for now.

Go build something amazing!