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Startups and Code - The Beginning

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These are some of the questions I plan on answering. Then there are additional questions on the softer side of development

  • How do you interview for culture?
  • How do you get an honest answer about work ethic?
  • How do you change a culture that is toxic?
  • What are the best ways to improve a team's morale? (It may not be what you think)

In addition to that there are technical questions that are at a higher level:

  • Everyone is talking about scale, but what is enough?
  • How do you decide system design decisions?
  • How do you test security for web, database, architecture?
  • How do you keep on top of all the "new shiny" things?

I have a new twitter account - @startupsandcode

I'll post things here and tweet when something interesting strikes me.

Side note: I was able to go back and update most of twitter links in my blog in no time because I'm using Next.JS!