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I have attended many meetups, startups, and met several entrepreneurs. I have realized one thing that has been consistent. A lot of people have ideas. However, very few people know how to implement something. You don't have to be a super tech savvy person. You can draw a few pictures and learn a little html and you can create a website. I went to a meetup the other day and the initial presentation touched on a great point which was, how to approach a tech co-founder. Anyone can pitch, I really believe that. I am not a pitch guy, but I know when I am passionate about something, I can sell it to anyone. There are several resources out there on how to learn how to code, but don't waste your time trying to figure out too much code. Create a website, create a wireframe, explain your idea, and know some of the technical problems you will encounter. You don't have to know how to solve those problems, but definitely identify them. Here are a few to consider... scalability, network hosting, security concerns, and of course performance. If you can even address or mention these concerns, the tech person will be impressed that you have put in some serious thought. I think I am going to explain in detail how to pitch your idea to a tech person. Keep in mind it may not work with EVERY tech person, but it would be a good approach with THIS tech person. :-) With bootstrap, node.js, and boilerplates out there, it is easy to knockout (no data bind pun intended) a prototype. I'm considering a lot of different ideas right now but I think what I enjoy the most is helping others learn and succeed. I have met a few teachers in my life that always have stuck out to me. I am hoping that in time I will be that inspiration to others.

Thank you to everyone I met at Great organization and nice presentation, patience is key, approach is important, and idea is ok. I read one thing recently that stuck with me. An A entrepreneur with a B idea is much better than an A idea with B entrepreneur. So go out there and DO SOMETHING, don't plan too much, don't discuss too much, put something together that works... then improve it. Thanks for stopping by.