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Surface Pro 3 - Is it really that great?

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The surface pro 3 has been advertised as the tablet that will replace your laptop.  Well, I have one now... and let me do a summary of it.

Let me talk about some of the things to note... I have the i7 model with a 256 SSD.  I also have the keyboard with it.  I would never buy one without getting the keyboard cover for it.  The touch keyboard is ok, but if you ever do more than just browse websites, you will want the real keyboard.

'So the performance on it is paralleled (if not better) than any laptop I have played with.  It is pretty amazing.  I am running visual studio, I have xampp, IIS running, and it is faster than anything I have used.  Disclaimer, this is my first SSD on a computer that I have used.  OMG, I LOVE MY SSD.  Ok, moving on... the touch screen is good and the resolution is pretty ridiculous for a tablet.  I am still getting used to be able to type and actually swipe/touch while I am doing it.  The touchpad on the keyboard is ok.  Many people complain about it, but it is not as bad as other people have said.  I like the tactile feel of it.  Multi-touch works well for features like scrolling.

Now on to the infamous pen... it works.  the double click for one note is pretty ingenious.  I do enjoy that functionality and the pen works really well.  The integration with one note and it is amazing.  The erase/select of the pen I haven't played with much so no comment either way on that yet.

So let's see:  Pen - good.  Resolution - great, Attached Keyboard - Amazing, performance - awesome... All in all... YES.  Go get one and it will replace your laptop.  I would get one again and again.  I would encourage the docking station for the additional ports and dual monitor support.

The kickstand works really well too.  So I am reluctantly saying, Microsoft has proven itself.  Yes, I am a former employee and if I am biased either way it would probably be against... but as a skeptic of what they deliver especially with hardware (except for the ergo keyboard we all love), I am against what they make.  The surface pro 3 is amazing... it is worth it and I would recommend it to anyone who uses windows.  If you are mac person, go get an air... but if you are debating of switching over to MS, then consider the surface pro 3.

Congratulations Microsoft, you have impressed me... except for that silly pen holder that comes with the keyboard, that is just silly.

Thanks for stopping by... Have a great thanksgiving!