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I have always liked to write. it is a very freeing experience for me and I enjoy it. Not because other's read it, but simply for the fact that it helps me process what is going on in my head. I have applied that specifically to technical writing. I generally learn something new and then want to write a blog post about it.

I have since written about Python, C#, Kubernetes, Firebase, Google Cloud, Azure, etc... Each time I write about it I feel I learn something new. Especially when writing a tutorial. Tutorials I think are one of the most tedious things to write. Why? Because criticism of tutorial typos are much harsher than typos of life blogs. Simply because the reader is actually trying to do what you wrote and a typo in code could lead to serious frustration. I know. I hate those tutorials too. Also, when you write a popular tutorial, you need to keep it up to date, because a new release will lead to breaking changes and even though there WERE no typos, there are now because of a new version.

Now, with life updates, it is much more simple. You simply share your thoughts and ideas about life. You can write about whatever you feel at that moment and because of that, your audience is more accepting of typos as long as the concept is conveyed.

There are a lot of life blogs out there and now YouTube v-logs, and Instagram stories, and much more. Most of them are crap. They are self-indulgent idiots who think they are going to be some internet star because they just realized that it is life changing to help someone else to get you out of your own drama, or that when you work hard for something you appreciate it more. Really? No shit. Thanks for the inspirational vomit that is called growing up.

I've written a lot of both technical and life blogs and even though I LOVE coding, no really, you can't comprehend how much I love that I have a job where I get paid to solve things in code. I think I enjoy writing more about life rather than technical. I enjoy teaching technical more than life style, but writing is something that has been in me for so long and I always come back to sharing my thoughts through the written word rather than a speaking, a podcast, a video, or music...ok sometimes dance, but that is a little different.

So with that being said, I think I am going to write more about what I've learned through life as a developer, manager, student, veteran, son, brother, husband, etc... I'm not expecting you to read it, I'm not writing it for you. I'm writing it for me. I just so happen to being using a platform where you have access to read it.

I don't need your feedback, comments, or ideas. I would love to read them and definitely interested in them. But you will get to know me through this blog, and you will learn a lot of truth of painful and joyful experiences. The thing you will notice is the words I use are not ramblings (most of of the time) and I choose words carefully. I never said I don't want your feedback. I said I don't need it. I don't need you to make me feel like a great writer. I don't need your approval. That is my first life lesson for you. You can be whatever you want to be. It doesn't mean the world will support you. It doesn't mean you will make millions of dollars doing it. It doesn't mean you will even be good at whatever that is for you. However, you will enjoy doing it for whatever reason and that will be enough.

I enjoy writing. I remember when I was on guard duty during Desert Storm and I would write letters. I wrote LONG letters. And keep in mind this is in 1991, so no iPad, internet, and well, I was in the field, so no computer. I wrote. pen to paper. I recall one letter being over 20 pages front and back. It helped me stay awake and allowed me to process what was going on in my head with the whole I am activated for war concept. I don't even remember what I wrote, but I knew I wrote a lot... every night from 2-5am, I was the lowest ranking guy in my section, so I got the crap time. Kip was really good to me though and would change shifts when he knew I was tired. Avist was very helpful through that and even though he ridiculed me for my writing, he will always be a reason I am who I am today. I have so many stories from those nights, nearly freezing to death, our battalion commander going to prison for sending us to the field without proper gear getting 7 people killed and multiple cases of hypothermia. It was quite the experience. I love my section and truly grew so much from that experience... but I'll save those stories for another day.

The purpose of this post is to say, I'm switching over to life style writing over technical writing. I'll still curate articles through my twitter and will keep you informed of new technologies I'm learning, but I want to write about my experiences and how I don't take things for granted now. I appreciate things much more and realize the friends that have come in my life and gone and have come back are always there for a reason. They teach me so much if I am willing to listen. So Chad, Dave, Carlo, Trevor, Chris, Jeff, Kevin, Ryan, Mark, Kelly, Bruce, Jamison, Kip, Gerry and of course, my beautiful amazing wife Susie. Thank you for all you have done and I'll share stories here, but I'll change names moving forward, but wanted to make sure the few people that popped in my head as I write this, they knew I am thinking of them often. You truly have made me a better person whether you were trying to or not. Thanks.

Excited about the new stories of me? They aren't new. They are actually quite old. However, I think I've reached a point in my life where I see the value of each experience. No experience is good or bad, it is simply experience. It is up to you to realize how you can learn from it.

This will be the last time I cross-post on linkedIn. I don't think my life updates really make sense to be posted on linkedIn. More appropriate for medium and twitter. Feel free to follow me on those platforms.