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That was easy... - a startup series (part 1/6)

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Writing on Medium and Here

Ok, I did not really look into cross-posting from here to medium... until now. Of course there is a plug-in for that. So I think I am going to be writing a lot more here, with more pictures, information, and hopefully something that helps you write better code, improve your workflow, or think about things differently in life. I love to write, and it has become very engaging for me. I thought I would write to create this amazing following and be a social media star. Right?

However, I have realized that I like to write, teach, talk, and help simply because it is the best feeling when someone learns something new, or has an epiphany about something from what you suggested. I write for me now. I have read books on writing, how to become a great writer, how to be a better writer, how to write for your audience, etc... those may or may not be real books, but the generic titles explain what I was trying to do.

The best way to become a great writer is to simply write... a LOT

My Next Steps

I am going to write (again) on a weekly basis if not more frequently. I have a series underway about start-ups and the few rules I follow when working on any new project:

  • Be Punctual.
  • Be Polite.
  • Listen First.
  • Deliver Early.
  • Be Aware.

I am thinking I am going to write every Friday. It will give you the weekend to execute on a suggestion, or create a new habit. It is easier for me to work on new things over the weekend then fit in my regular work week. Well, here goes the writing goal again. I have continually attempted to write regularly, to tweet daily, to do something daily. I have realized, that I am successful at it... because I haven't quit yet. I keep going back. :-) Remember failure isn't a bad thing, it sometimes is the best thing to go pursue the next thing. Excited again. I think I have a new closing line too, not just, Thanks for stopping by, although I am grateful for your time and that you included my post in your reading collection... but I want to motivate you to go do something, so "Go make something amazing!" is a much better closing line... so let's combine them.

Thanks for stopping by, and go make something AMAZING!