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The halfway mark

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So we are in new mexico and saw a lot today, painted desert,

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="380" caption="Painted desert"][image][/caption]

Petrified forest and a lot of driving. Here is my take so far, california is great to visit but not to live, that includes san fran, san diego, l.a., etc... Arizona is nice and really interesting. Enjoy flagstaff and hope to get to phoenix one day.  Driving across country is not a is work... Planning and work... We are exhausted and a little home sick.but we don't have a home now.  We may have an apartment and we are hopeful to find a new home. We are just tired of being in transit... In between life... We are tired.  Dogs are tired but great travelers...better than expected.  traveling is exhausting.nuff said.