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VS Code - Open HTML using tasks

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I love VS Code. If you didn't know that, you haven't taken my class, followed my tweets, or ever met me. I like it as much as a CrossFitter likes to talk about CrossFit or a Vegan likes to tell you how healthy they are. Yes, I like it that much.

I was irritated by one thing... I can just open a simple html file in a browser. I don't want to build a huge project, run gulp tasks, and make sure everything is passing all my unit tests. I just want to write a simple demo of something in html and view it.

I figure out how to do it. I leverage the build task for my index.html and I leverage the test task (ctrl-shift-t) to open the current file in a browser.

Super easy:

{ "name": "webTask", "suppressTaskName": true, "command": "start", "isShellCommand": true, "tasks": [ { //Build Task "taskName": "indexView", //Run On Shift+Ctrl+B "isBuildCommand": true, //Don't run when Shift+Ctrl+T "isTestCommand": false, // Show the output window if error any "showOutput": "silent", //Npm Task Name "args": [ "file:///${workspaceRoot}/index.html" ] }, { //Test Task
"taskName": "viewFile", // Don't run on Shift+Ctrl+B "isBuildCommand": false, // Run on Shift+Ctrl+T "isTestCommand": true, "showOutput": "silent", "args": [ "file:///${file}" ] } ] }

Tada That's it! That is my tasks.json that does it.

Easy right? Enjoy!