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Week 3 in Atlanta

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We made it to week 3 and I think the worst of the homesick part is over. We still miss some parts of Seattle and it will always have a special place for us, it is where we got married after all and that is where I was when the Saints won the superbowl and much more... I have learned a lot over the past few months about life and myself and how things are not up to us at all. We think we can control something, some people try so hard to control one thing that it kills them...things I have learned. Moving sucks. Moving across country really sucks. But the best way to break out of your comfort zone is to do something that is not easy. I learned that if you reach out down here people help. If you feel sad, then share it. If you don't sulk and go get involved then you will grow, I have one job right now and it is probably the first time in 6+ years that I have one job. I'm not teaching computers or dance, I'm not doing any side projects, well, I do have a meeting today, but that is fun...But what is amazing about that is when I come home, I feel like I'm on vacation. We sit by the pool, grill some steaks, do a little workout, play some video games, and just laugh with my wife, that is what life is about, it is not how much money you make,or save, how cool your car is, I do love my Subie though... Or any of that... It is how often did you laugh today. That is how you measure a day... Love is shared through laughter, not money, not gifts. Life is about experiences and not things. We want to go to Australia and Italy to experience it. I think every American should spend a month abroad in a third world country... You will learn to appreciate how good we have it and lose your sense of entitlement that for some reason a lot of Americans have. Why is our economy so screwed up, GREED. Why does the porn industry make billions and our teaches are getting laid off? Lust and Greed. They call them the seven deadly sins for a reason, they don't kill you quickly, it is slow and painful. How do you convince someone that they don't need more? Look at our food... NYC recently banned soft drinks over 20 oz, remember when a large was 24 oz? A small was 8 oz. now a small is 24. We are dying from gluttony, from greed, and sloth. Most people who workout now aren't doing it because they want to be healthy, they want to look good and pride themselves on how they control their diet and workout regime, pride and vanity... Not anything more than that, I exercise now because I don't want to die at a young age. Ok, enough of my soapbox for now. Just wanted to share that I am a Hippocrate because I do like to eat. I am buying a bigger house, and I do like my gadgets... But I'm trying to be better and I'm aware of it... I think realizing that you are being swallowed up by the marketing machine of america you are several steps ahead of the game. So on that note, I'm going to go...enjoy your life and laugh more and marry someone you laugh with... I waited a long time to find a perfect woman for me,.. I love you Susie! Thanks for stopping by everyone...