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Week 5 in Atlanta

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Finishing up week 5 today with a show with my nieces, very excited about that. This week was a very busy work week and figuring out more of the codebase uncovered more challenges (or opportunities, depending on perspective) that made me need to reset and see the functionality that I have done. All in all, it was a good week but ate like crap this week... had chic-fil-a sandwiches, a tuna melt, and other things. I need to eat Paleo, it really does make a difference for me in energy, overall attitude and weight management. I miss crossfit and did one workout of the day (WOD) this week and it nearly killed me. My wife ran back after it and I was like, holy crap, I'm out of shape. So that was a wakeup call... regarding the house, no news is good news... I suppose. Hired some movers and a truck so hopefully we will close the end of the month. :-) I hate the waiting period of stuff. You think I'd be used to hurry-up and wait with my time in the military, but it really never does get easier. The weather here has been hit or miss, humid/rainy/hot, and then sunny and hot... either way it is hot. Whoever invented A/C needs a Nobel Peace prize, because without it people would have wars. Let's see, I am diving more and more into WordPress and the potential of what it can do. I think we are going to create some custom themes and see what we like. I continue to learn more and more about JavaScript and HTML5, proving my original thought that almost everything that is done on the tablet/desktop/phone can be mimicked on the web with a single code base. There are advantages of iOS/android specific apps, but the maintenance of multiple code bases are challenging. You need to have separate teams do that type of development. You don't need true parity between the apps either. You need similarity in the UI, but some will have features the other don't. Why? because it will encourage users to have BOTH. Increasing sales. It happens all the time... Soul Caliber did it with xbox having Yoda, PS3 having Darth Vader, and Wii having Link. You want those extra characters but you need all those game systems to have them. It is funny the collection drive of some people, look at lego video games with the gold bricks and minikits. Marketing 101, create something and the convince people they aren't happy without it. That is what Steve Jobs did. No one, and I mean NO ONE NEEDED an iPhone, an iPod, and definitely not an iPad. But you ask people who have one, they say they can't live without it now. It really is fascinating. I live without my phone for a few days at a time now, just to see... and I do fine. If I don't call you back that is why. We gotta get going but thanks again for stopping by...