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Week 6 in Atlanta

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So I made it to week 6 here... and yes, I will say "made it". This week was quite an experience... My wife, Susie (for those who don't know), went down to Orlando for the week and I was left alone with the dogs. That alone was stressful, but on top of that, we are trying to buy a house and this week we got the appraisal back and it was lower than the contract price, so we had to enter negotiations again to get them to lower the price, because it is silly to pay above appraisal. I'm sure some people do it, but we didn't have to, since we already have a place and don't NEED to move (although the backyard would be nice for the boys). On top of that, I took on a side project that turned out to be one of the most challenging projects due to the time constraints... Well, here is the outcome of all of that, I won't keep you in suspense too long... oh wait, maybe I will... I am not sure if I have talked about it yet, but I for some reason am STILL addicted to Big Brother... Love that show, and it is so weird not watching it with Susie here with me as we plan out what is going to happen and decide who we like or don't like. I know everyone hates Boogie, but you gotta give the guy credit, he is the best player of the game I have EVER seen. I think it may have back fired on him this week, since he didn't even try for HOH, and Frank is probably pissed about that. I think my favorite is still Dan, I have always liked him and hope he can pull it off. Although, Ian is playing a smarter game than people realize and he has everyone convinced on how loyal he is and he has flipped sides more times than Mitt Romney in a debate. All in all, it has been a great season, not TOO much drama, and poor Ian regarding Ashley... Frank should know better, but he's just that kind of guy... ok, has the suspense built up enough? Side project took a sideways turned and decided to go another direction to get it up and running, and the client seemed to be very understanding of the discovery regarding the complexity... The house seller came down to the appraisal and are leaving their fridge to help us for not having to purchase that. Yay for us... and the highlight of the week, SUSIE IS HOME! Yes, it is weird to not have her around and be able to just babble about life and things with her, to kiss her goodbye when I go to work... so many little things... it really was an interesting week on how much I missed her. I knew I married her for a reason, and more and more reason rise to the surface every week... Sorry for the world, since there is only one of her, but Yay for me for winning that crazy lottery of love... God has a bigger plan than we will ever figure out... Sometimes I wish he would clue us in and not make us wait... but then it wouldn't be as exciting would it? So the dogs were good, better than I thought they would be... work is fine and moving forward on new development stuff. Life is good. We should be in the new house by Labor day weekend... WHOOHOOO! I hope all goes well this week. I think this is the most consistent I have been regarding writing on a blog... it is funny how many random people are reading this... It's just my thoughts on my life... I try not to filter it too much, but of course, there are somethings that are NOT meant for the internet... ask any spring breaker since YouTube came out. :-) Definitely enjoying the South a little more each week... well, not each week, week 2 really sucked and we missed Bothell... but now, things have settled in a bit. Found a great Sushi place, ate at Watershed today on the way back from the airport, nice little southern brunch... country fried poached eggs on a bed of cream spinach and mushroom fricasse. Susie had eggs, grits, and ham... Yeah, that's home cooking done right. Ok, I think that is all for now... maybe I'll write more about the meals we have had here... Salt, Watershed, Doc Greens, Boneheads, Ceviche, Nagoya, Chequers, etc... We are more foodies than we think we are... Thanks again for stopping by... truly grateful for my life, my experiences good and bad, and the people that have come in and out of my life, but today I am MOST grateful for Susie and her amazing ability to cheer me up by simply being next to me... I love you honey!