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Week 8 in Atlanta

Back to home

We made it. We closed on the house and have moved in. Now we have weeks of unpacking. So much to do... Washer and dryer getting delivered in a week... Internet next week. Cable next week. Here is what I have learned... Don't think you can move on your own... You don't have to unpack all on one day... Planning is key to moving... Hire people to help you load, you will keep your friends and your back. Pack cords together with devices. Don't put something in a special will forget where that place is and you will look where you should have put it... All in all, it was a relatively smooth move this time. We got a couch and entertainment center from Craigslist and the rest we already had. Life is good here... It is a "real" house... Kind of amazing for us, but ironically it is cheaper than our place in bothell. And almost twice as big. Stairs are a new experience for us... Dogs are loving the back yard... I think they are just happy to be settled in. Tv made it safely... And all in all we are doing well. Much love to all that are following us and our journey... Thanks for stopping by...