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Why I like CrossFit vs a Gym

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Ok, as promised, I want to explain on why I like CrossFit over a Gym. I have been a member of several gyms, 24 hour fitness, Anytime Fitness, Pro Club, LifeTime Fitness, the list goes on and on... I have been a member of only 2 crossfit boxes, Agoge in Woodinville, WA and now No Quarter in Roswell, GA. I have been a swimmer, a jiujitsu student, and never a runner. Now, with that history there are a few keys that are important to me. One convenience, it needs to be easy to get to, and it needs to not take 4 hours. However, that is not why I like CrossFit over a gym. It is much more than that. Someone today at work mentioned that CrossFit people are like a cult. I never thought of that, but I know how that is... well, if it is a cult, then I am in. Why? Because it creates a team... a family... Am I the top person in class? OF COURSE NOT! I was 2nd from the bottom today, but that is not important. I was exhausted and laying on the ground (like I usually do after a WOD), and everyone came by on their way out and said nice work. We all support each other. We love the attitude of each other, we want you to succeed, we aren't "meatheads"... we are driven by a new passion... we want to get better... we want to beat our time... we want to beat our weight... and we want to be healthier. We don't strive to be the best in the box... we strive to be the best of who we are today. I have bad days there but I keep showing up. So, quick summary, I like the people, the vibe, and the change of exercises daily. I also like how simple the exercises are, but how tough they are to perform (repetitions vs weight).

Now, on to Gyms... they have a welcome desk... they have a cardio room... they have free weights... and you workout... they have saunas, pools, etc... But they don't have the family... they often are profit machines knowing that 80+% aren't going to stay or show up. If you want the family, you have to pay for a personal trainer to do what a CrossFit coach does for your monthly fee. The machines and classes are ok... but they don't create momentum... we all need will power... motivation. You can give me a 100 machines, but if I don't have momentum who cares what is available. So here is the summary of the gym, they overwhelm you with equipment and shiny things, but it lacks the people connection that creates the momentum that I need. I don't and really can't pay for a personal trainer to hype me up every time I want to workout. CrossFit provides that by the other athletes and the coaches.

So gyms are good for people who like isolation, who have the experience, who know their routines... I am not that. I think and lead a lot in my life, but at CrossFit I simply listen to instructions and do the work. No thought needed, I follow... I set my own records. I fight the clock, not anything else. I love the support, the variety, and excitement each day when I check the WoD each morning. It excites me each day until I get to class that night.

It is not cheap, but it provides everything I need, and want. All in all, I'm a CrossFitter. Special thanks to Nick Nibler from Agoge in Washington for getting me started and to Rob Magnum at No Quarter for keeping me going in Georgia.

Next step is to push for a Paleo diet... The results will be amazing... I know that now.

God Bless and Thanks for stopping by.