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Why WordPress and Azure suck together

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I could start with all the wonderful things about Azure, but that is not what this post is about.  It is about why I won't use WordPress and Azure together.

The mySql Database isn't hosted by Azure, it is on ClearDB

Now, I don't know about the partnership ClearDB setup with Microsoft, but kudos to them.  The problem with it hosted on another site is the delay in getting any information from the database will encounter latency, unless you upgrade to price plan on clearDB to make it in the same region.  I tried the basic version and if I refreshed my page multiple times I would see errors "Cannot connect to database".  Probably not something you would want for your own site.

WordPress hosting is cheaper so many other places

WordPress hosts exist everywhere.  HostGator, BlueHost, WpEngine, SiteGround, etc...  They are all cheaper than Azure, because to use Azure, you are going to pay for the hosting and the clearDB prices (You can see their pricing model here).  Most of the hosts that I have listed are cheaper than the hosting of the ClearDB alone.  Also, they are focused on WordPress setups and have multiple ways to help you get setup.

You can't host your own mySQL unless you are using a VPS

Sure, there are ways to do it, but to create a vps to run a wordpress site is overkill.  I'm sure people reading this are saying, using Azure for WordPress is overkill.  I AGREE!  However, I did want to bring up the counterpoint, you can run your own vps.  I know, but it is silly.

Here is an article about setting up a scalable WordPress site on Azure.  The important part of this article is to read the comments at the bottom.  It is really interesting that everyone is disappointed in not being able to have a native mySQL option in Azure.

Latency issues between servers (DB/Web) is horrible

This point is a little redundant based on the first point, but wanted to call it out again.  It is just horrible so I thought the repetition would drive the point home.

So if you are considering migrating everything to Azure and you have a few WordPress sites laying around to migrate.  Keep them where they are.  Azure is not for WordPress, they can hack it together for you, but they are too late to the WordPress game and there are much better options.

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