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We all have our workflows, how we do things and the order we do them... our "morning routine", or when I come home, I put my keys in their "spot", check email, and then plug in my phone. When I go to work, I login, get latest, start a build, check email, open chrome, and test out the latest build. We all have our workflows. I am trying to become a better blogger, better topics, better content, more engaging, etc... but it is not trivial to simply wake up and write, there is a lot that goes into good content. I am not there yet, I know. But I have found a few tricks that make it a lot more fun and a lot more efficient.

Write when you have an idea

Somedays I have multiple ideas on topics and things I want to talk about, and other days I have nothing and just want to chill. But rather than release, every time I write something I can save drafts and rework them before I publish. I can save some posts until the days I have nothing.

Figure out your media

Recently I have been using Paper by 53 I email myself the picture, and include it in my post. I love Paper. It is simple enough to do what I want without having to study, analyze, read a manual, etc... I simply draw a diagram, picture, and email it. And tada. So thank you Paper 53.

Be persistent

I am not an amazing writer, or an amazing artist, or an amazing developer. But I try. That I think is the key to accomplishing anything... keep doing it. If you doing something enough, you will get better at it. I did not say you would be the best at it. I am sure there are some kids reading this who are thinking if they spend more time practicing on the field they will be in the NFL. I am 5'7" and I know that if I practice football everyday I would be really good at football, but I would probably not be good enough for the NFL (yes, I know MJD is that height, and there are others, I am not one of them).

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you keep practicing, you will figure out what works for you. Tom McFarlin wrote an article "Getting things done" and has a header called "This won't work for you". That alone made me start following his blog. Why? Because it was honest... I am writing here to share my experiences and the more I write, hopefully, the better I will become. It does not mean that my process will work for you, my ideas are new or brilliant, or my commentary is something you agree with. It is just getting it out of my head on onto the web.

Be Honest and Sincere

Don't write crappy blog posts just to start controversy. Let's make the world a better place through communication. I try not to sensationalize events that have too much press. I try to share ideas and thoughts that I believe in. I write because I enjoy writing, I code because I love coding. I love helping people learn technology and how it applies to their business. I try to be open and honest. I try to answer questions and comments to the best of my ability.

Make it part of your routine

I love coffee. I don't drink a lot, but not having a cup in the morning makes me feel a little off. I don't even need to drink it all sometimes, but holding that starbucks in my hand makes me feel like my morning can begin. Add blogging as part of that routine... make it so when you don't blog, your day isn't complete.

All in all, my routine is write when I can, save drafts, add pictures, and repeat. hehehe... not really helpful is it... but just being honest... today is more of a random post rather than anything else... :-) Happy Spring Break.