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[Web Site Sketch] Workflow and Plugins are topics fresh on mind. That being said, this post is more for my reference than anything else, but I'm sure I'll have a commentary inside of it too.

I am using windows 8, xampp, and web matrix for development.

To setup a new local site here are the steps I use:

  1. Create new directory and index.html
  2. Update windows host file ( MySite.Dev)
  3. Update httpd-vhosts file [code] ServerAdmin postmaster @ DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/" ServerName ServerAlias ErrorLog "logs/" CustomLog "logs/" combined [/code]4. Copy WordPress files to directory from step 1
  4. Go to phpmyadmin, create user and database
  5. Browse to site and let wordpress configure everything

Yes, it is that simple.

Now, the next thing is what plugins do I use? Depends on what I am trying to do. I use all-in-one seo, akismet, and jetpack for some sites. However, that isn't how I start. I start with nothing, yes, nothing, not even akismet (ok, I always leave Hello Dolly installed, out of respect). :-) I went looking for a good login page plugin, something simple to customize the login/registration for new users, so the site can have some level of communication with users. Well, that is not an easy task. They have plugins for registration, that makes widgets, that create shortcodes, that have lightbox popups, etc... I don't need all of that. I just want to put up a custom logo and change the background color. After search for about 1/2 hour, I decided to write it myself. WARNING: I am not an expert plugin developer. I do what I needed and moved forward. There are some things I did that I guess are best practices: make it localizable, make it easy to use, and make a good readme/screenshots/contact info. Of course, creating a plugin does NOT mean it needs to be released to the world. You can create plugins that are used for you and you alone. However, don't get sloppy and ignore some common practices when you do it. "No one will see this, so I don't need to do... fill in the blank...". Bad practice creates bad habits which creates bad code. You should try to get better everytime you do something. All that being said, here is my login plugin. I'm sure I will do more to it soon, but I keep learning and keep trying to get better.

Loving the opportunities, the community, and the experience that is WordPress - Happy 10th Anniversary.

thanks for stopping by.